From the racetrack to waterjumps and the journey inbetween

First Rides

Mr. Sexy chestnut is coming along well. I gave him a little ace for our first two rides just to be safe, but he hasn't needed it since. We just walked the first few times, but after I saw him trot like this in the paddock I decided we could trot too. 


Hot damn

There is some weakness in his gait, but not actual lameness and he moves confidently.   If you are wanting a giggle watch this video with the sound on. 


He isn't 9 like my goofy husband says, he is 8.  That is his very first trot under saddle since his injury and I'd say it was pretty great, also how about that brain!  We trotted a few more times that ride and he got better and better. 


What a good boy

I'm going to try ad get some new video of him tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed! 


Can't get enough of this face!