From the racetrack to waterjumps and the journey inbetween

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My Mojito

My Mojito is the name of my original blog.  It can be found here: Mojito was a new horse I trained two others in exchange for, I was so excited to bring him home and ride him to the fulfillment of my various dreams.  I started the blog to document our story together.  I posted VERY infrequently to start, finally picking up momentum in 2013.  By the time I was blogging regularly Mojito wasn't my main horse anymore, there was something not quite right about him that I couldn't yet put my finger on.  The blog turned into a place to document my whole equestrian journey as well as adventures in cooking, travel, and university.  In November of 2014 I had to put Mojito down, his condition (possibly neurological) had degraded enough that he was no longer happy or comfortable.  It was a very sad moment.  My main focus these days are OTTBs and I am thrilled to be creating a website and updated blog to continue sharing my story and that of all the equine partners that I am blessed to work with.