Settling in

Mr. Slider traveled great on our 20 hour trip from Phoenix to Idaho.  He drank water, ate hay (and the hay net), and never bounced the trailer around. 

He was definitely shocked when I put him in his paddock and his feet got a little muddy, the horror! He drank water right away and I showed him the hay in his corner feeder.  He is still a little leery of sticking his head in a black hole so I keep some of his hay on the ground outside of it.

here is some video of him on the track. 


I really liked how relaxed he was, you don't see too many horses galloping with a loop in the reins. I was feeling pretty excited about him, and then I turned him out for a few minutes yesterday. 

Now I'm freaking ecstatic! I mean seriously check out that trot! Incase you didn't watch the video here are some pictures. 

I will say that I am really spoiled by the horses in our race-barn. They know what manners and boundaries are, Slider reminds me a bit of a young rude warmblood pushing me around. He was good to lead at the track, but I think he is just really excited about the new things to look at here. He is already relaxing and getting better though, and I also got him a rope halter to use until he acts like a polite horse. 

I am really impressed with his lack of spook. He may be a little pushy and distracted, but he hasn't yet jumped on top of me because something is scary! Yay for brave!