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Double Shot Training

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Double SHot Training

Lindsey Burns has been riding and competing horses for 20 years. Competing in Eventing, Dressage, Hunters and Jumpers, and even Endurance, she has also worked extensively with horses from the ground using a strong natural horsemanship background. She has coached Pony Club, participated in ICP training, sat on the Idaho Dressage and Eventing Association board as vice president, and is currently writing for Eventing Nation. She has successfully started many unbroke horses and has been retraining OTTBs for over 10 years. She has galloped, ponied, and groomed in the racing industry. She even obtained a Bachelor’s in Biology - human emphasis. She has specialized in helping difficult horses find their way and helped herself and others along the journey to confidence in riding. If you are looking to build a better connection with your horse, improve your position in the dressage ring, find confidence over fences, or just build a solid foundation for your riding in any discipline Lindsey is the coach for you.